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Fortified Roof Grants From NCIUA

07/17/2020 - The NC Insurance Underwriters Association has initiated another Fortified Roof grant program, similar to the program that expired last summer.  Qualifying policy owners should have received a letter in June, with an application start date of July 7, 2020. Grants up to $6000 are available.  At this time only houses with NCIUA wind policies on the barrier islands (the two beach insurance territories) are eligible.  For more details and to determine if your house qualifies, click here.

A NCIUA policy number and zip code are needed to determine if you qualify to apply.  The grant program has limited funding and will be awarded first come, first serve, so apply early. Other incentives may be available for some of the added costs to upgrade to a Fortified Roof. These grants also apply to the cost of the roof. If you are planning to reroof, this is a great incentive.

After successful certification of a Fortified Roof installation, the house will qualify for annual premium discounts thru any insurance company. Other wind insurance incentives and discounts are available for coastal buildings. For details click here.