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Health Department

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Staff Directory

Luana Gibbs, RN, Interim Health Director, 926-4387, [email protected]
Melissa Sadler, RN, Public Health Nursing Supervisor I, 926-4389, [email protected]
Kelley Newman, FNP-C, Physician Extender II, 926-4390, [email protected]
Micole Izaguirre, RN Public Health Nurse II, 926-4391, [email protected]
Jenna Brinn, RN, Public Health Nurse II, 926-4379, [email protected]
Lisa Cuthrell, RN, Public Health Nurse II, 926-4398, [email protected]
Hannah Byrd, RN, Public Health Nurse I, 926-4185, [email protected]
Annette Swindell, Administrative Assistant I, 926-4397, [email protected]
Judy Midyette, Processing Assistant IV, 926-4399, [email protected]
Kristi Williams, Processing Assistant IV, 926-4393, [email protected]
Pat Spencer, Accounting Clerk IV, 926-4382, [email protected]
Anna Schafer Motler, Public Health Educator II, 926-5289, [email protected]
Teresa Pugh, Foreign Language Interpreter II, 926-5289, [email protected]
Hugh Watson, Environmental Health Programs Coordinator, 926-4380, [email protected]
Roni Collier, Environmental Health Specialist, 926-4370, [email protected]
Cameron Gibbs, Substance Awareness Coordinator, 926-4386[email protected]

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