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Solid Waste Services RFP 2020

This page will contain any updates to the RFP process, including questions submitted by potential bidders with their answers from the county.

Request for Proposals - Solid Waste Services (document updated 2/18/20)

The following changes were made after the prebid meeting:
Page 1 - Sealed proposals are due by 10 a.m., Tuesday, February 25, 2020 
Page 4 - Deleted section "at the point when picked up curbside or"
Page 14 - Added 20 yard open top for glass recycling to Dare County to the Ocracoke bid section on the Proposal Form

Solid Waste Tonnage Summary

Questions and Answers

Please confirm the due date. Tuesday Feb 24th is listed in the RFP, but this is not a correct date. Monday is the 24th and Tuesday is the 25th.
Answer: The due date is Tuesday, February 25 at 10 am.

What waste type is delivered to Dare County- Glass, MSW, Yard waste?
Answer: Glass only to Dare County Transfer Station

Can the county provide invoices and haul quantities for each site for 2019 full year.
Answer: Tonnage Summary uploaded to website above.

Is it the county’s expectation that the price remains the same for the entire term with the exception of the annual fuel adjustment described in the RFP?
Answer: Yes

Who pays for recycling processing fee at ECVC?
Answer: Hyde County

Will there be a formal bid opening?
Answer: Yes the proposals will be opened at 10 am on February 25, 2020. However, there will be no clear low price proposal at that time because those proposed prices will be put into a spreadsheet to analyze the proposed price structure given the past year's pulls per location. That analysis will take time and is not the sole determining factor of the contractor selected as the proposals of qualifications will also be ranked and selected contractors will be interviewed prior to a contractor being selected.